How to Beat a DWI in Texas

By Jeff Kennedy

How to Beat a DWI in Texas

You don’t leave the house expecting to get charged with a DWI, but it happens. The experience is not a pleasant one, and now you don’t know what to do. Whether you were over the legal limit or not, you can still be charged with a DWI if the officer who pulled you over believed you were driving while impaired.

You may be ready to throw in the towel and plead guilty right now—after all, it’s just a misdemeanor, right? That could be a big mistake. Misdemeanors can still negatively affect your life.

Your drivers license can be suspended for several months, you may receive hefty fines, and the charge can go on your record permanently, impacting your life for many years to come. And some DWIs become felonies under certain circumstances.

But there are ways to keep a conviction off of your record. You simply need someone to help you understand how to beat a DWI in Texas.

What Not to Do After a Texas Drunk Driving Arrest

When you’ve been arrested for a crime, there are some ways that you can set yourself up to fail. Admitting the crime to the arresting officer is the first big no-no—your confession is a difficult thing to overcome (although it’s not impossible).

If you want a fighting chance of getting your Texas DWI charge dropped, dismissed, or reduced, you may want to make sure to adhere to the following:

  • Don’t argue with the police officer.
  • Comply with the officer’s commands.
  • Don’t answer any questions or give statements without your lawyer present.
  • Attend all hearings and comply with the DMV’s rules.
  • Don’t admit to prior arrests or charges.

Defenses Against a DWI Conviction

Many people believe that, if you’ve been pulled over for driving while intoxicated and you fail the sobriety tests or your sample comes back positive for alcohol, you’re as good as convicted. This is far from the truth. For you to be convicted, a prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were driving under the influence.

Doing that is harder than you think. A court may decide there’s not enough evidence to convict you or suggest that you were really intoxicated.

Here are some of the defenses your attorney could use in court:

  • You weren’t actually under the influence of alcohol.
  • You were pulled over illegally.
  • Your rights were violated.
  • The officer wasn’t following protocol.
  • There was some issue with the field sobriety tests.

Contact a Texas DWI Attorney

Being arrested on a drunk driving charge is a scary situation, but don’t lose all hope just yet. There are defenses against a DWI conviction, and the sooner you start building your defense, the better your chances are of beating your Texas DWI charge.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Jeff C. Kennedy know how to beat a DWI in Texas, and we can help you make it happen. Call us at 817-605-1010 or complete the form below to schedule a free consultation.


Jeff C. Kennedy was the light of hope at the end of very dark storm. He was not only able to defend my case swiftly, but had the alleged charges dismissed completely. His calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to myself and those I care about most. My children and I are eternally grateful for his excellent service and I hereby recommend Jeff C. Kennedy without reservation.


Jeff Kennedy truly cares. He and his staff kept me informed all the way throughout my case and provided me with all my options and the potential outcomes for my case. When the day finally arrived to resolve my case, Jeff was able to negotiate a reduction to a lesser charge. He was well prepared and coordinated everything perfectly. Jeff is not only a good lawyer, but a good man.


I hired Mr. Jeff Kennedy to handle a DWI charge. From day one, I knew I had picked the right attorney. Jeff always took the time to answer any of my questions, treated me very professionally, and truly cared about my case. I have never been in any kind of trouble before and I was very nervous about the thought of going to trial. Jeff thoroughly explained the entire process to me and made me feel at ease. Jeff took my case to trial and the jury found me NOT GUILTY!


Jeff Kennedy is a professional, intelligent, easy-to-talk-to lawyer with an excellent understanding of how the system works. Jeff was able to get my twice the legal limit BAC thrown out and he kept me from having an interlock device put on my car. This has been my only big mistake in life so far (hopefully the last) and I am glad he was there to walk me through it. You will not regret hiring him.

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