Can You Get Arrested at the Airport?

By Jeff Kennedy

Were You Arrested at DFW or Dallas Love Airport?

Airports everywhere exist in states of high security. In addition to local police personnel, there are federal agents such as TSA representatives and Customs and Border Protection workers.

Because of this reason, security personnel inside an airport won’t wait to arrest you if you’re suspected of causing a disturbance or breaking the law. Read on to learn about common crimes people are arrested at the airport for and how a Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer can help.

What Are The Most Common Airport Crimes And Arrests?

The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport welcomes more than 73 million visitors per year as they depart or pass through the airport on the way to their final destination. In such a large airport, criminal activity does take place and arrests are made.

One of the most common ways for you to get arrested at the airport is when traveling with an active warrant out for your arrest. Federal TSA or CBP agents could see the active warrant and have you taken into custody.

Another way to get arrested at the airport is to commit a crime at the airport itself. Some of the most common crimes committed in airports include:

Regardless of the charges you face, getting arrested at the airport is a very serious problem. Often airport-related arrests are related to federal crimes, and the consequences of a conviction are devastating for personal, professional, and family life.

Consulting a DFW arrest lawyer can help you take proactive steps to defending yourself from all allegations.

Contact an Attorney For Your Airport Arrest Today

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