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The Law Offices of Jeff C. Kennedy combines compassion and personal attention with in-depth criminal defense knowledge and practical experience. If you’re in trouble with the law, we’re here to help.

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the Law Offices of Jeff C. Kennedy

Personal Attention and Compassion

The Law Offices of Jeff C. Kennedy is known for providing clients with personal attention. Attorney Kennedy limits the number of cases he takes on so that each client receives the one-on-one attention he or she needs and deserves.

From the moment you come in for your free, confidential consultation to the day your case is resolved, you’ll get compassionate legal counsel and straight answers to all of your questions and concerns. Whether you’ve been charged with DWI, assault, marijuana possession, or anything else, you’ll never be prejudged.

The Proper Defense for Any Criminal Charge

With a track record of not guilty verdicts and dismissals, Jeff Kennedy knows how to develop and present a powerful, compelling defense. From drunk driving to weapons charges, your Fort Worth criminal lawyer will have the necessary experience and know-how to expose the flaws in the prosecution’s case against you.

Attorney Kennedy never takes up a case hoping for a plea bargain. From day one, the goal will be to get your charges dismissed so that you can return to the life you knew before the arrest. A criminal record can follow you around forever, so every legal option needs to be exhausted.

Expunctions and Record Sealing

The Law Offices of Jeff C. Kennedy can also help you with getting the record of your arrest sealed or expunged. If you were acquitted or if your case meets the necessary criteria, an expunction or nondisclosure of criminal record might be a very real option for you.

Even if we didn’t handle your original case, Jeff Kennedy can still help you take this critical step in protecting your future and reputation. You have a right to the brightest future possible, and a criminal defense lawyer from our firm can help you attain it.

practice areas

assault and
domestic violence

Getting charged with a violent crime is one thing. but conviction can forever damange your reputation and future. Let us help you successfully overcome the charges against you.

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Marijuana, cocaine, heroin . . . a crime involving any controlled substance can result in steep fines and prison time. it doesn’t have to be this way, and we can provide the defense that prevents it.

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Whether you failed a field sobriety test, breathalyzer, or blood draw, it’s very possible to get a driving while intoxicated charge dismissed. Contact us today to learn how to beat your dwi.

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An arrest that ended in an acquittal, dismissal of charges, or no charges at all means that you could be eligible for an expunction. The record of the arrest doesn’t have to follow you around.

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of records

If you’ve completed deferred adjudication probation, you might not have to live with your criminal record being public knowledge. Find out if you’re eligible to have your record sealed.

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Just because you’ve been charged with theft, it doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to be convicted. All it takes to clear your name is reasonable doubt, and we know how to build a persuasive defense.

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If your probation was revoked, you might have options other than simply returning to prison. Whether it was a misunderstanding with the probation officer or something else, we can help.

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Texas has a lot of laws regarding guns, knives, and other weapons on the books, and it’s easy to accidentally run afoul of the law. We can get you back on the right side of things.

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Thousands of Successful Criminal Defense Cases

When you need a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Worth or anywhere else in Tarrant County, you need the Law Offices of Jeff C. Kennedy. Other defense firms might push you into a plea bargain early on, but you can count on Jeff Kennedy to pursue a complete dismissal of your charges as the first priority.

Attorney Kennedy has over twenty years’ experience practicing criminal law, and he has successfully handled thousands of cases. From misdemeanors to felonies, he can help you fully understand the charges against you and build the defense that clears your name.

A Reputation for Getting Results

A criminal conviction is not something you want on your record, and beating the charges against you requires working with a top Fort Worth criminal attorney. Jeff Kennedy has an excellent reputation within the local legal community, which means that prosecutors know that he’s not one to back down.

You don’t want to gamble with your future by settling for an inexperienced attorney or an overworked public defender. You want a criminal defense lawyer on your side that knows the legal system and how the local prosecutors approach their cases.

A Lawyer Recognized by Other Lawyers

Jeff Kennedy’s in-depth knowledge of criminal law and track record of success has been recognized by other attorneys and professional organizations. He’s been named to the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association and has a 10.0 superb rating with Avvo for both criminal defense and DWI cases.

When other attorneys give your defense attorney the best ratings possible, you know that you’re in good hands. If you’ve been charged with a crime in Tarrant County, the Law Offices of Jeff C. Kennedy can provide the legal representation you need.

Jeff C. Kennedy About US

Our firm gets results on behalf of the clients we represent. When Jeff Kennedy manages your defense, you’ll rest easy knowing that your attorney has a proven record that’s been recognized by other lawyers.


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