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Probation Revocation is a serious matter. If you were placed on deferred adjudication probation, a probation revocation could result in a conviction on your criminal record or possibly a jail or prison sentence.

Our probation violation lawyers provide aggressive and thorough representation for clients facing a revocation of probation. Our primary goal when representing a client in a probation revocation proceeding is to explore all defenses and possible alternatives that could avoid revocation of your probation.

What Should I Do If a Motion to Revoke Probation Has Been Filed?

If you believe that a Motion to Revoke or Motion for Adjudication will be filed or has already been filed, you need to hire an attorney immediately! It is possible to defend a probation revocation and an experienced probation revocation lawyer can often avoid a revocation of your probation. You need a criminal defense lawyer who has the experience necessary to make the court, probation officer, and the District Attorney’s Office aware of all circumstances regarding your case and to explore all defenses and possible alternatives to avoid revocation of your probation.

Common Probation Violations

If you have allegedly violated a term or condition of your probation, you could be facing a probation revocation hearing. Some of the most common probation violations include:

  • Committing a new criminal offense
  • Failing to report to your probation officer
  • Failing to pay required fines, court costs or probation fees
  • Positive result on a urinalysis test
  • Failing to complete community service hours
  • Failing to attend or complete required counseling programs

Keep in mind that anything and everything that you say to your probation officer could be used against you. An incriminating admission to your probation officer could very well be the basis for filing a Motion to Revoke or Motion for Adjudication of your probation. If you believe you have violated a term or condition of your probation, you should first seek advice from an experienced probation revocation lawyer.

Attorney Jeff C. Kennedy has over 18 years of experience defending clients facing a probation revocation and can aggressively defend you if a motion to revoke your probation has been filed. Or he can advise and assist you in preparing the best possible defense to avoid the filing of a probation revocation.

Will a Warrant for My Arrest Be Issued?

When a Motion to Revoke or Motion for Adjudication of Probation is filed, a warrant for your arrest will be issued. Generally, the warrant is issued and a “hold no bond” is placed on the warrant. This means that there is not a bond amount set for the warrant and you will not be able to post a bond or be released from jail if you have been arrested. If a “hold no bond” is placed on the probation revocation warrant, it will be necessary to hire an attorney in order to ask the judge of the court that issued the warrant to set a bond amount. If you still owe fines, court costs or are behind on probation reporting fees, most Tarrant County Judges will not set a bond on a probation revocation warrant until these fees are current or paid in full.

Jeff C. Kennedy is very familiar with the policies and procedures of the Tarrant County Probation Department and the Tarrant County Criminal Courts in regard to probation violations. If a probation revocation warrant has been issued, we can generally arrange for a bond amount to be set and can assist you with the process of posting a bond to secure your release from jail. In most circumstances, we can arrange for a “walk thru” in order to post a probation revocation bond at the Tarrant County Jail Bond Desk and avoid the process of physically being placed in a jail cell for hours or days.

Early Intervention in Tarrant County Probation Violations

If a motion to revoke probation has been filed against you or if you are potentially facing the possibility of probation revocation, the time to act is now! Early intervention in a probation violation matter can often make the difference between facing a probation revocation hearing, or indeed whether or not a formal motion to revoke or motion for adjudication of probation is filed at all.

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