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When you’re accused of using someone else’s credit or debit card number without their permission, you call the alleged act “credit card abuse.” You might call it “credit card fraud.”

In Texas, it’s a serious crime called a “State Jail Felony.” This means you can spend 180 days – 2 years in jail and get fined up to $10,000 if successfully convicted.

Think of all the additional consequences you or your loved one could experience:

  • Restitution payments for the amount of money you stole
  • Loss of your job
  • Having a difficult, almost impossible, time getting hired at future jobs
  • Public humiliation
  • Loss of respect from your friends, family, and coworkers
  • Destruction of your professional reputation if you are a well-known professional (doctor, lawyer, dentist, accountant etc…)

Regardless of the type of credit or debit card crime you’re accused of, attorney Jeff C. Kennedy helps you get the best legal outcome possible. He’s gotten hundreds of cases dismissed involving all kinds of criminal charges – including credit card abuse.

Take a look at this brief story of how he helped “K.J.H.” get their case dismissed:

K.J.H. was accused of credit/debit card abuse, and their case was tried in Tarrant County’s 371st District Court. K.J.H. could have spent 180 days to 2 years in jail. If that client was lucky, maybe they could have worked out a probation deal.
But instead, Jeff helped K.J.H. get their case dismissed.

A younger, inexperienced lawyer may have worked out a plea deal. That could have included at least a few months in jail and thousands of dollars in fines. Or, it could have meant an extended time in probation. That’s the difference a skilled attorney with a proven track record of success makes!

Tarrant County Credit Card Abuse Attorney Jeff C. Kennedy can help you with your case

You already heard about Jeff’s more than 20 years of experience. But, experience isn’t the only thing you should care about – it can be a bit deceptive.

And 100% of Jeff’s legal experience comes as a criminal defense attorney. He takes apart and puts together all of your case himself, and he only represents clients like you accused of criminal offenses.

But he also has a proven record of professional success. In addition to getting literally hundreds of cases dismissed and charges dropped, he’s also recognized as one of the top 100 trial lawyers in the nation according to The National Trial Lawyers. He even possesses a license to practice in front of our nation’s highest court – the Supreme Court!

While Jeff makes it his goal to resolve your case without going to trial (possible in most cases), he has the legal skills necessary to win your case at trial if necessary. And that’s another thing not every lawyer does. If you approach the larger law firms, you meet with the senior lawyer who oversees your case. But in everyday practice, they may have associate lawyers actually taking your case to trial and doing legal research.

Do you really want to trust years of your life, your personal and professional reputation, and thousands of dollars in fines to an inexperienced lawyer?

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While Jeff C. Kennedy makes it his goal to favorably resolve your case before it goes to trial, he can’t guarantee you a specific legal outcome. However, he will do everything in his power to make sure you get a fair resolution to your case. And very often that means your case gets dismissed.

You also get straightforward legal fees (many lawyers charge by the hour or phone call) and Jeff’s cell phone number.

It’s important to act now because legal authorities begin building their case against you the moment they suspect you’re committing a crime (which can sometimes be weeks or months before your arrest).

Frightened? Confused? Overwhelmed?

Let Fort Worth, TX’s top credit card abuse attorney, Jeff C. Kennedy, take care of you.

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Tarrant County Credit Card Abuse FAQs

If I'm Accused of Credit Card Abuse, What Determines How Significant the Charges Are?

Generally, it depends on how you took the other person’s credit card, how you used it, and how much money was charged. If your teenage son or daughter steals someone’s purse, takes the credit card, and then buys some clothes with it, they’ll face a certain level of charges. However, if they use a skimmer specifically to steal credit card information and buy more than $20,000 in merchandise with it, they’ll face much more severe charges.

Can I Get More Severe Charges in Certain Situations?

You can. If you have prior convictions, or if the victim was elderly, you can be charged with an enhanced felony offense. Felonies range in severity from 180 days in prison and $10,000 (state jail felony) in fines to up to life imprisonment.

How Do I Know If I've Committed Credit Card Abuse?

First, there’s the obvious case – using a credit or debit card that’s not yours. You can also:

  • Knowingly use an expired, revoked, or cancelled card
  • Use a fictitious card
  • Steal a credit/debit card with the intent of using, selling, or transferring it to another person who is not the cardholder
  • Buy a credit/debit card from someone you know not to be the issuer of the card
  • Sell the credit/debit card yourself
  • Compel the cardholder to use their card to get property for your benefit with the knowledge they financially can’t afford it
  • Possess a credit/debit card that’s not your own and intend to use it

If you have been accused of credit card or debit card abuse, contact Tarrant County Criminal Defense Attorney Jeff C. Kennedy immediately at 817.605.1010 for your free case review.